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Successful self-employed individuals, independent contractors and small business owners are often searching for ways to maximize their tax deductions. One potentially significant tax deduction is to make a contribution to a retirement plan. However, determining the appropriate retirement plan can be a confusing process.

Eric Kuniholm, Principal of Beacon Capital Management Advisors has more than two decades of experience setting up retirement plans for this select group of individuals who have joined the ever increasing ranks of the self-employed. Kuniholm’s wealth of experience in this field has led to being featured in Forbes and “Your Money” on CNN.

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 15 million self-employed individuals in the US and this demographic is growing,” Kuniholm states. “However self-employed people who want to set up a retirement plan may not know which plan to choose, so I created three websites that provide detailed information about the most popular self employed retirement plans:, and"

"The websites are informational and they provide in-depth content about these retirement plans so people can educate themselves about their options.”

Kuniholm has clients throughout the US and is registered in all 50 states. “It’s exciting to work with entrepreneurs and small business owners,” Kuniholm says. “Clients are surprised to learn they can save up to $57,000 in a SEP IRA or an Individual 401k and potentially over $100,000 per year in a Defined Benefit Plan. Clients benefit by paying less taxes and get to make a sizeable contribution to fund their retirement.”

Beacon Capital Management Advisors advises individual investors in many areas of financial planning and wealth management. The firm works with more than 10,000 mutual funds and some of the nation’s most respected institutional money managers who provide portfolio management to individual investors.

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